Dada Morero’s Budget Ignores the Needs of Destitute Instead Prioritizing the ANC/EFF Coalition of Doom’s Ego

ActionSA is appalled by the conduct and arrogance of the ANC/EFF Coalition of Doom under the stewardship of the ANC puppet mayor, Kabelo Gwamanda. Last week, the Council could not pass the budget because it did not address some of the pertinent issues raised by the political parties represented in the council.

To ensure that this toxic coalition does not collapse, MMC for Finance, Cllr. Dada Morero, amended the budget to cater to the needs of the coalition partners, including the EFF and PA. This clearly indicates that this coalition has no plan to advance the needs of our people; but it is rather focused on keeping the ANC/EFF in power.

ActionSA submitted genuine and pragmatic items to be included in the budget, which included:

Insourcing of security guards

– Informal trade and the local economy including;

Restoring and repurposing hijacked buildings by releasing them to the private sector.

These items were again rejected by the ANC and EFF councillors. These are the same people who go around preaching pro-poor government; however, when presented with an opportunity, they forget about the plight of poor people.

It is worth noting that EFF has dubbed themselves champions of insourcing, yet they are quick to dismiss our calls for insourcing.

Today, Mayor Gwamanda dismissed hundreds of Pikitup casual workers under the EPWP who were outside the Council Chambers to seek his indulgence. His remarks were applauded by the EFF caucus.

Instead of addressing them, the mayor resorted to calling them names. Furthermore, he believes that these workers who have been raising genuine concerns for the past few weeks are ‘ActionSA’ members.

As ActionSA Joburg Caucus, we are steadfast and resolute; we will continue to support the workers and no amount of name calling will deter us.

The budget in its current form does not address the core values of our party, and as a result, we could not support it.

We will, however, continue to work with our communities and strive to address their needs.