Deepening Jobs Crisis A Sign that Action Has to Come

Under the leadership of President Ramaphosa our economy continues to suffer from a profound lack of leadership resulting in each release of these statistics only being a question of how many more South Africans find themselves without a job.

The jobs stats released today revealed new record levels of unemployment in our country with 262 000 more South Africans falling into the ranks of the unemployed – now standing at 46.2%.

The significance of these latest numbers must be the universal understanding that arises from them; that for South Africa to succeed, the ANC must be removed in 2024.

In recent times, more and more South Africans have become aware of this fundamental truth. What now matters is the ability to develop economic solutions for South Africa that can build hope for what may be possible after 2024.

In this respect ActionSA’s Senate, our highest decision-making body, has initiated a process that will lead to the development of its national policy conference ahead of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections. It has determined that the economy and jobs must be the centrepiece of a package of solutions for South Africa.

South Africa’s economic success must be priority number one because the lives of South Africans can only be uplifted by the dignity and security that comes with a job. We know that for this to happen, any plan is going to have to deliver credible solutions in the following areas:

  • A credible and coherent strategy for South Africa’s economy giving all stakeholders certainty of the direction of the country.
  • Industry specific and sub-strategies focussing on niche areas of our economy, including a focus on the rural economy and CBD revitalisation.
  • Arising from these strategies must be a re-prioritisation of the budget to shift funds towards infrastructure, education and safety and security.
  • Removal of tripartite alliance veto rights of economic policy – unions are a key stakeholder but have not been elected to determine economic policy for the country.
  • Relaxing of South Africa’s labour laws with the focus to make it easier to employ South Africans.
  • The overhaul of the South African education, with the inclusion of skill building around entrepreneurship, and the building of new universities, colleges, TVETs etc.
  • The review of all South African legislation to identify any red-tape and anti-growth legislation to the ease of doing business in South Africa.
  • Reduction of the debt-to-GDP to below 70%, targeting debt repayments to be brought under 6% of expenditure.
  • A comprehensive package of support offered to small businesses in South Africa, removing the cost of administrative compliance and providing support that incubates emerging businesses with access to finance, tax advice and other critical business tools.
  • Professionalising the civil service to ensure that, irrespective of who wins election, South Africans can count on professionals appointed into the civil service based on their ability and not their political allegiances.

Despite the developments towards a coherent set of plans for our economy, it remains true that the ANC must be removed in 2024 in order for these solutions to be given expression through action.

ActionSA is building structures across South Africa to ensure that a credible alterative can be offered to millions of South Africans who have given up on their prospects of finding work under an ANC government.