Dereleen James

Substance Abuse

Introducing Dereleen James

Dereleen’s inspiring anti-drug and social activism distinguishes her as a true advocate for the empowerment of communities.

Dereleen joins us with an incredible track record, serving as a member of our Gauteng PEC. More importantly, she has been appointed by the Minister of Sports, Arts, and Culture as a board member of the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport. She has also been appointed by the Minister of Social Development as a board member of the Central Drug Authority and is a member of the SAPS National Anti-Drug and Gangsterism Priority Forum.

Dereleen authored the “Dear Dad” Open Letter, which garnered widespread outcry for urgent intervention to stop the scourge of gang violence. This led to the Former President personally visiting Eldorado Park, where he acknowledged her continued fight.

Dereleen founded The Yellow Ribbon Foundation, a non-profit organisation, registered community based centre, dedicated to strengthening the fight against substance abuse through educational, faith-based, community and social entrepreneurial initiatives.

ActionSA is committed to empowering our communities addressing the social ills that exacerbate criminality and the breakdown of society, with substance abuse standing out as a crucial area of concern. With Dereleen’s activism and knowledge on how we combat these ills, we believe our fight to end the scourge of drug abuse and gang violence, which tears apart families and destroys lives, can succeed.