Dr Makhosi Khoza Runs for Mayor – Together, we can FIX eThekwini

Today, we are proud to announce Dr Makhosi Khoza as ActionSA’s Mayoral Candidate to the people of eThekwini.

Dr Khoza brings her tried and tested ethical leadership, competence, decades of political experience at national and local spheres of governance, and a deep desire to see eThekwini transformed into a thriving and inclusive city that allows all its residents to lead dignified and productive lives.

Indeed, Dr Khoza is no stranger to the people of eThekwini, Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) and South Africa as a whole. She served as a pivotal figure in holding former President Jacob Zuma to account in Parliament at the height of his powers; publicly declaring that she would vote for a motion of no confidence in him.

Dr Khoza has also served as ActionSA’s KwaZulu Natal Provincial Chairperson with distinction, leading exponential growth of the party within the province and fighting for true service delivery to communities.

We are proud to put forward Dr Khoza as our Mayoral Candidate and believe that she has what it takes to unite the people of eThekwini behind ActionSA’s vision to fix the City.

Whilst other political parties have remained mum, ActionSA is the only political party to publicly put forward a serious mayoral candidate to lead the people of eThekwini. Indeed we take the needs of our residents seriously and believe they need to know who they are voting for.

In the coming local government elections, ActionSA will contest all 111 wards in eThekwini, we believe we can fix eThekwini and the only way of doing that is by offering a real alternative to the people of city in every single ward.

There is no denying that neglect and glaring incompetence from politicians and the city’s administration have stripped residents of the opportunity to live truly dignified and productive lives. There is a simple truth, the city of eThekwini has degenerated into a state of mismanagement, crime and grime, and crumbling service delivery. Without immediate action, residents and their loved ones will not have a safe place to call home; an environment that will nurture them and afford them the opportunity to reach their highest aspirations.

The city and its people will not thrive if the present chaos, poor planning, and lawlessness continue to go unattended. An overhaul is required to clean up the city. Dr Khoza and ActionSA can deliver that change.

To truly fix eThekwini and get the city to deliver quality services to residents, Dr Khoza would focus on:

Fixing inaccurate billing and investing in infrastructure – The current political ‘leadership’ within the city has taken residents for a ride through grossly inaccurate billing to glacial turnaround times in addressing infrastructure and service delivery failures. As I demonstrated during my tenure as Mayor of Johannesburg, billing challenges can be addressed by holding region-wide billing open days where residents’ billing problems can be immediately resolved. A greater portion of the city’s revenue must also be directed to investing in infrastructure such water pipes. To this day, the city doesn’t have a water leak detection system. This means that ratepayers are often subjected to exorbitant bills that have no connection to their actual usage.

In the increasingly cruel eThekwini municipal offices, it has become acceptable to leave whole communities without access to potable water or power for weeks on end. This is the plight of communities in Umlazi, KwaMakhutha and KwaXimba to name just a few. It must come to an end.

I demonstrated in the City of Joburg that by aggressively reprioritising municipal funds away from non-strategic and luxury expenditure (like advertising, travel and catering), more money can be directed to improving infrastructure and service delivery. Dr Khoza will be following the same approach.

Revitalising Abandoned city buildings for businesses and housing: The city is littered with abandoned builds that have become hubs for criminal activity. Reclaiming these buildings and offering them for productive use to businesses and housing opportunities will be a core part of Dr Makhosi’s promise to the people of eThekwini. Reclaiming and revitalising these buildings will serve to create economic opportunities for residents whilst creating an additional revenue stream which can be used to deliver services to the city.

Strengthening Policing: No city can thrive in a state of lawlessness and chaos. That is why Dr Khoza would prioritise the additional capacitation of metro policing within the city. The present decay in eThekwini can be attributed to the lax enforcement of bylaws. By adding to policing resources and retraining officers, the city can be turned around.

These are just some of the solutions ActionSA intends to bring to the residents of eThekwini. We are determined to deliver an inclusive, caring and liveable government to the people of eThekwini. A government which works tirelessly to reverse inequalities, ensuring communities get access to quality services, and creating an environment which fosters economic opportunities for all. We are committed to delivering competent and service-delivery orientated governance to the city.

As residents prepare to head to the polls in the coming weeks, they now have a viable alternative that they can vote for. They now have an incorruptible mayoral candidate in Dr Makhosi Khoza, who’s fight to re-ignite an inclusive and prosperous future for the city cannot be rivalled. 

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