Dr Tsholo Maforah

Basic Education

Introducing Dr Tsholo Maforah

Dr. Maforah, an esteemed educator and visionary leader, embodies over 35 years of dedication to the field of education. Holding a Ph.D. in Education Management and Leadership from the University of South Africa, she stands as a beacon of academic excellence. A former Dean of Academics at a leading higher education institution, Dr. Maforah provided strategic leadership, ensuring quality assurance and effective governance. Her extensive experience includes roles as a Senior Lecturer, Head of Faculty, and the Founder and Director of Tsoso Skills and Management Consultants.

Dr. Maforah’s academic journey reflects her commitment to continuous learning, with a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Education Management and Leadership, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Leadership and Management, and diplomas in Science and Counselling. Her thesis and dissertation explore the complexities of job satisfaction among principals and educators in previously disadvantaged secondary schools. Dr. Maforah is also a prolific author, contributing articles and books that delve into the nuances of education management.

Fluent in English, Setswana, and Afrikaans, Dr. Maforah’s influence extends beyond the classroom. Her holistic approach encompasses community building, mentorship, and a profound passion for education. As a project manager at Ignoblis Management Consultants Pty Ltd, she monitored and evaluated school performance, recommending developmental programs and facilitating workshops for educators and learners. Her impact reverberates through her role as a Faculty Student Mentor at Tshwane University of Technology, where she monitored student performance and conducted development workshops.

In summary, Dr. Maforah’s illustrious career is characterised by transformative leadership, a commitment to educational excellence, and a tireless dedication to community development. Her multifaceted roles, extensive academic contributions, and linguistic versatility underscore her influence as a prominent figure in the South African education landscape.