Ekurhuleni Hijacking: Victory for ActionSA as Investigating Officer Removed

ActionSA celebrates the removal of the investigating officer (IO) in Tony Kadzadi’s building hijacking matter in Ekurhuleni, after pressure from the party.

Kadzadi, an illegal immigrant from Nigeria, was arrested approximately two weeks ago when ActionSA received a complaint from community member, Patricia Khoza, that Kadzadi had hijacked a building in Primrose, Ekurhuleni, and was extorting occupants.

Last week, ActionSA requested that the IO be removed after he had created an acrimonious relationship between him and Ms Khoza. The IO accused Ms Khoza of being dishonest, and spoke to her with the utmost disrespect. ActionSA were accordingly concerned of bias in investigating the matter.

The IO furthermore indicated to one of our attorneys that he would prepare an affidavit stating that Ms Khoza was interfering with his investigations, which is  a blatant falsity and creates the risk that the complaints will be disregarded or dismissed. To treat a complainant in this manner is unacceptable. We should, as citizens be entitled to protection and assistance from our police services.

While ActionSA is aware that removing an investigating officer lies in the domain of the South African Police Service (SAPS), we also alerted Advocate Batohi from the NPA, in order that the necessary precautions and steps can be taken to avoid the investigation being compromised.

The news of the IO’s removal is a victory for the rule of law, helping to ensure the integrity of the investigation into Kadzadi’s activities in Ekurhuleni. This is especially so when Kadzadi remains unlwAfully within our borders and continues to commit offences.

From the onset, ActionSA has been concerned about how Kadzadi’s case has been handled and we suspect that nefarious forces have attempted to protect him and his activities.

Our concerns are exacerbated by the fact that Ms Khoza was arrested after laying her complaint of her building being hijacked. This arose as a result of Kadzadi laying a complaint of illegal entry against her – despite the fact that he was the one who illegally hijacked the building.

The Independent Police Directorate (IPID) has already agreed to investigate the matter.

Despite not having any home affairs documents to reside in South Africa, and facing three charges including theft of property and sexual assault, Kadzadi was released on bail two weeks ago. Not only is he a flight risk, but poses a threat to the complainants in these matters. This is unacceptable.

The rule of law is one of ActionSA’s core values, and we will continue to place pressure on the relevant authorities to ensure that justice prevails in this matter.