Elections 2024 a Chance to Reignite the Hope We Felt In 1994

Today is the most important elections since 1994 as it presents South Africans with the first real opportunity to remove the evil ruling party and replace it with a caring political alternative that will place the interests of South Africans first.

Therefore, ActionSA calls on all South Africans to come out in their numbers and vote for change that will improve the lives of our people, restore the rule of law and create millions of new jobs.

While I casted by ballot at the Sandton Fire Station voting station in Johannesburg earlier this morning, I was reminded of the very first vote I casted for the ANC on 27 April 1994, and the anticipation I had for South Africa. At the same time, I was reminded how the ruling party has disappointed the dreams of many South Africans, having chosen party loyalty, cadres and their own pockets above the needs of the South African people.

This election is the culmination of four years of blood sweat and tears for hundreds of thousands of ActionSA activists to provide a credible alternative to the failed political establishment who have caused the crisis we currently see taking place in South Africa today. But, unless South Africans are brave enough to vote for a credible alternative today, we will be stuck with the same old leaders who about themselves first. We cannot expect change unless we vote for change this election.

An ActionSA government would meaningfully improve the lives of every South African by the first day we enter office. We would achieve the South African dream by restoring the rule of law in our communities, ending corruption, securing our borders and restoring quality education. ActionSA’s policies to fix our country have been drafted over the past two years and will bring near immediate change to our country and restoring our country to a path of prosperity.

Some of our policy highlights include:

  1. Ensuring a life in prison means a life in prison by abolishing parole for serious crimes such as rape, drug distribution, corruption and murder.
  2. Reintroducing specialised policing units and specialised courts to speedily investigate crimes and deliver justice to communities.
  3. Undoing the harmful legacy of Apartheid and 30-years of ANC misrule by introducing an opportunity fund which will ensure township infrastructure development, entrepreneurial funding, bursaries and opportunities for previously disadvantaged South Africans.
  4. Igniting job creation by reforming labour legislation to make it easier for people to enter the job market, reclaiming hijacked and abandoned buildings and factories to create affordable housing and manufacturing industries which will create jobs.
  5. Reform our education system by introducing one department of education, reintroducing school inspectors to ensure that quality teaching takes place, removing Sadtu’s role in appointing principals and expanding tertiary funding for South African students.
  6. Securing our borders by reforming the department of home affairs to get rid of fraudulent documentation and ensuring that law enforcement stop undocumented immigrants from entering our country.
  7. Expanding social welfare by introducing a universal basic income grant above existing social grants, but at the same time working to give as many people possible the dignity and freedom a job has to offer.

These policies can be implemented from the very first day ActionSA takes government, but only if voters give ActionSA the largest mandate at the polls today. It is possible to bring change and prosperity to South Africa but only if voters take action and vote ActionSA. Because, it is only by taking action that we can fix South Africa.