Former Knysna Speaker joins ActionSA to embark on strategic litigation to ensure marginalised voices are heard

ActionSA welcomed former Knysna Speaker, councillor and qualified advocate Julie Anne Lopes to the party on Saturday as part of our continued growth trajectory in the run-up to the all-important 2024 elections.

Lopes, who practices under her maiden name Seton, joining shows how more and more South Africans believe that only ActionSA will successfully be able to win support away from the ANC and restore South Africa to a path of prosperity.

Many political parties before us have failed in this important task, and ActionSA has proven in the 2021 municipal elections and recent by-elections to be the only vehicle South Africans from all sectors of society can trust to remove the kleptomaniac ANC.

Alongside ActionSA National Spokesperson Lerato Ngobeni, Gauteng Chairperson Funzi Ngobeni, and Western Cape Chairperson Michelle Wasserman, I welcomed Lopes to ActionSA at a press briefing at the City of Johannesburg Ward 7 where our candidate Vuyo Kamba will be competing in an important by-election on the 28 June.

Lopes – who worked at the Legal Aid Clinic at the University of the Free State and have extensive experience in municipal law- will play an important role with Wasserman to undertake strategic litigation in the Western Cape to ensure that the voices of so many forgotten by the current provincial government are heard.

Lopes joining ActionSA and the upcoming results of the City of Johannesburg Ward 7 by-election – a ward where ActionSA attained just 5% in the 2021 municipal elections – are signs of how ActionSA is growing in leaps and bounds as we are preparing our structures to take over the government.

For South Africa to work, we need to remove the ANC out of government who have for decades stolen from the poor and protected their cronies. ActionSA, a party committed to ethical leadership, has proven to be the only vehicle which is able to achieve that goal in the 2024 elections.