Giyani Water Project: SIU Confirms ActionSA’s Suspicion that the Project is Riddled with Rank Corruption

ActionSA welcomes the confirmation of our long-held suspicion made by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) which confirms that the contract awarded by Lepelle Northern Water to LTE Consulting (Pty) Ltd to render services with respect to the Giyani Water Project is indeed unlawful.

It was revealed that R7 million taxpayer rands were spent on just 5 boreholes. This staggering expenditure reveals the depths to which our public service has sunk.

This comes after the SIU made representations to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) yesterday.

The project, which started at R90 million and eventually escalated to R2.2 billon and finally ballooned to R4.1 billion in costs, reveals the astonishingly high levels of corruption that pervade our embattled public service.

The SIU report also reveals that:

  • Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) flouted procurement processes when awarding contracts to this contractor;
  • The contractor had no experience or capacity to execute or manage a turnkey project of this magnitude;
  • LNW made irregular payments to LTE Consulting (Pty) Ltd; and
  • There was a corrupt relationship between LNW officials, Department officials and contractors.

ActionSA has always maintained that the Project, initially commissioned in 2014 to relieve the 55 villages in Giyani of their water supply challenges, was a corruption scheme of extraordinary proportions to enrich politicians, public officials and business elites.

After months of investigations and calling for transparency through an application in term of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), it pleases us that the SIU has finally lifted the lid on this scheme and exposed unspeakable corruption.

As South Africans, we can no longer afford to sit by and watch the country’s precipitous descent into abject lawlessness and chaos while the ANC government continues to boldly loot resources meant for our socio-economic development. We expect heads to roll and decisive action to be taken against the delinquent politicians and officials who were involved in this scheme that has left 55 villages in Giyani without water.

The people of Giyani deserve a government that will ensure that their fundamental human rights and dignity are safeguarded, not a callous government that profits off their circumstances.