Imminent Forfeiture of Over R500 Million in National Treasury Grants Exposes ANC/EFF/North Alliance Coalition Ineptitude in Nelson Mandela Bay

ActionSA is alarmed but not surprised about the impending forfeiture of over R500 million in National Treasury Grants by the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

The possible forfeiture of these funds will have devastating consequences for the City and its long-suffering communities, given the critical role these various grants play in the metro’s development and the well-being of its residents.

The ANC/EFF/Northern Alliance coalition stands to forfeit funding for the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Regional Bulk Infrastructure Grant (RBIG), Programme and Project Preparation Support Grant (PPPSG), Urban Settlement Development Grant (USDG), Public Transport Network Grant (PTNG), Informal Settlements Upgrading Partnership Grant (ISUPG), and Neighbourhood Development Partnership Grant (NDPG), amounting to an enormous R523 Million.
It is crucial for the residents of this metro to be aware that these grants focus on critical areas, contributing to the improvement of their lives, job creation, and a necessary boost to the local economy.
The revelation that the city’s expenditure reports, as at 31 December 2023, are below the 40% threshold is deeply troubling, indicating a clear failure in financial management and woeful project execution by the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.
ActionSA believes that this highlights and forces us to question the competence of the fraud-accused and embattled City Manager, Noxolo Nqwazi, in overseeing these critical matters that are directly impacting the welfare of our community. We believe that the City Manager and the Mayor Gary Van Niekerk must urgently provide the National Treasury with the requested information and share it publicly with the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay.
The residents of Nelson Mandela Bay deserve better, and it is unacceptable that their well-being is compromised due to the city’s failure to fulfil its obligations and to effectively utilize funds that are granted to the city. ActionSA encourages the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay to reject this failing coalition government and consider alternative political options.
An ActionSA government will invest in economic infrastructure and drive an urban-led growth agenda. We commit to fixing and upgrading critical infrastructure, including water systems, electricity, roads, and communication networks. Maintaining these is essential for stimulating economic growth.
We will transform our cities into inclusive economic centres by reclaiming hijacked buildings and unused factories for private sector development, including affordable housing.