Joburg Speaker of Council Rejects ActionSA-Sponsored Motion for Urgent Debate on Hijacked Buildings

Yesterday, The City of Johannesburg Speaker, Margaret Arnold, turned her back on more than 6 million residents by rejecting an ActionSA sponsored debate on hijacked buildings.  

As a party rooted in the rule of law, and the advancement of economic prosperity, we brought an urgent debate following a robust interaction with various stakeholders, including businesspeople and investors on the ground.

All of whom are expressing their dissatisfaction with the manner in which the City is handling the issue of hijacked buildings.

As it stands, the City currently has 188 hijacked buildings, 145 of those are within the CBD. We note with concerns the nine judgements that were passed in favour of the City, that allows the city to reclaim 9 hijacked buildings provided that they provide an alternative accommodation for those who have occupied the buildings illegally.

ActionSA calls upon the City to stop tiptoeing around the issue of hijacked buildings and to start providing leadership.

This lukewarm approach as displayed by the Mayor, his MMCs and now the Speaker cannot continue unabated.

ActionSA envisages a South Africa that prioritises the implementation of innovative and decisive economic policies that expand opportunities and empower businesses to create jobs.

An ActionSA government will:

– Revitalise the Inner City:  We will unlock the latent residential, economic and lifestyle potential of Johannesburg’s inner city to ensure that the inner city becomes a vibrant, clean, and safe place to work and play.

– Declaring corruption as public enemy number one: We will no longer allow the corrupt to sabotage our people’s hopes of progress.

The establishment of ample economic opportunities will provide households with the dignity that comes from earning an income, minimising the need for social grants.  We can only achieve this if we divorce ourselves from our political regalia and start seeing things with an eye of an ordinary citizen.

Whilst we are disappointed with the decision taken by the Speaker; ActionSA will continue to look into different avenues to ensure that buildings are reclaimed, law and order is revived, and economic prosperity is achieved within the City of Johannesburg.

We are now more than convinced, that ActionSA is the last hope to the residents of the City of Johannesburg, and we would like our residents to remember this day, when they go out in their numbers to vote.

We cannot continue driving away investors while syndicates continue to get richer by a day.