Joburg Without a Mayor at the Wheel Again

Johannesburg once again finds itself without a mayor behind the wheel of a city in desperate need of political leadership. 

Last night, Carte Blanche reported on serious charges of fraud alleged to have been committed by Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda. Gwamanda is alleged to have defrauded people out of a funeral scheme and is also alleged to have claimed qualifications it is believed he does not possess.

Since the allegations have surfaced Gwamanda is nowhere to be found and was missing in action for a press conference on Saturday in which he was expected to explain himself to residents of Joburg. The result of this is Joburg being rendered leaderless once again.

The ANC and EFF have a lot to account for in terms of the rising costs of their deal in Gauteng which continues to see Mayors being forced onto Joburg residents that not only lack a discernible constituency or vision, but also face serious allegations of fraud. The last thing Joburg needs is a Mayor who is alleged to be willing to defraud its residents while his strings are being pulled by the ANC and EFF.

ActionSA has begun conversations with our former coalition partners with a view to determine a way forward to protect Joburg residents from any further abuse at the hands of the ANC and EFF.