Let’s FIX South Africa – Register to Vote the ANC Out

Today, South Africans across the nation will have the opportunity to place our country on a path of inclusive economic prosperity, safety, and shared development by registering to vote.

Since 1994, it has never been more important for every eligible South African citizen to make their voices heard. We are all desperate for change that will better our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and our society.

Continuing to vote for the ANC is an exercise in futility. It will not deliver better lives to communities across the country. 

Every service delivery protest witnessed over the past two decades of ANC misrule shows that communities are gatvol of the ANC’s corruption, looting and cadre deployment; tired of their load-shedding and service delivery failures across the country; gatvol of rising unemployment and poverty whilst ANC cadres enrich themselves; tired of crime and lawlessness; and gatvol of the gross incompetence of a government that is not committed to public service.

However, protests on their own will not bring about meaningful change. It will not bring back the years robbed from us; years we could have used to build a truly inclusive and prosperous future for all. However, there is still hope that we can fix our country; that is by voting the ANC out!  The only way to Fix South Africa is for every eligible South African to ensure they are registered to vote. The time for talk has long passed and it is now time to take ACTION.

We urge every eligible South African voter to ensure they are registered to vote and verify that they are correctly registered. Whilst the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has experienced technical issues in its online registration, we cannot allow this to discourage each and every one of us from coming out in our numbers, registering to vote and preparing to FIX South Africa. 

Fixing South African requires ethical and decisive leadership that implements real measures to investigate corruption and jail those involved; it will require investing every cent of public money into the service delivery priorities of our communities and not the pockets of politicians and their cronies; it will require protecting the rule of law and ensuring our borders are adequately protected; and it will require a government with a clear plan for making it easier for entrepreneurs to start their own business, stimulate investment in the economy and giving South Africans, particularly the youth, the dignity of work. ActionSA stands ready to deliver all this thing change.

While the change will not happen overnight, it can start immediately if we all elect a competent, caring, inclusive and ethical government committed to public service in the coming November elections.

We look forward to contesting the elections in November.

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