Limpopo Government Sabotage ActionSA Royal Leaders Engagement

After a highly successful engagement with Royal Leaders in Vhembe East, Thohoyandou, in Limpopo, alongside ActionSA Limpopo Premier Candidate, Kgoshi Letsiri Phaahla, yesterday, the Limpopo Provincial Government sabotaged ActionSA’s royal leaders meeting in Capricorn this morning by calling a “crisis meeting” with royal leaders.

The Limpopo Provincial Government is clearly concerned about ActionSA’s growth and support among royal leaders in the province, which has resulted in the ruling party concocting desperate ploys to prevent royal leaders from engaging with us.

While the Limpopo Provincial Government may be abusing its powers, ActionSA is confident that royal leaders will see through the ruling party’s desperate attempts and work to remove them from government next year. ActionSA will not be discouraged by these sabotage attempts but will work tirelessly to fix the province.

At ActionSA’s inaugural policy conference in September, over 600 delegates voted that we engage with royal leaders across South Africa to build trust and honour them for the important role they play in their respective communities. Our visits to Limpopo play a part in fulfilling this commitment.

In line with our approved policies, ActionSA believes royal leaders play an important role in our national identity and our heritage. That is why, once in government, we will work to adopt regulations which provide legal recognition of traditional and communal land ownership practices, subject to those being in line with the principles of our Constitution.

In the months ahead, ActionSA will continue to engage with royal leaders across South Africa as we engage constituencies to win support in the 2024 national elections. Next year is our last chance to fix South Africa and therefore requires the support of everyone across the country.