Loyiso Nkohla’s Murder Possibly Another Sign of Syndicates Taking Over in Cape Town

ActionSA is extremely concerned that community activist Loyiso Nkohla was possibly killed for his work to reopen the railway line in Philippi, Cape Town, by groups who seek to keep the railway line closed.

Regardless of his controversial protest methods, ActionSA will remember Nkohla as someone who has always advocated for the rights of the most marginalised, such as access to sanitation and affordable public transport.

His murder at the Philippi railway station may be another sign of the criminal syndicates operating within the Cape Town metropole and law enforcement agencies’ inability to control the situation.

ActionSA, a party committed to the rule of law, will monitor investigations around Nkohla’s murder to ensure that these criminal groups within the City of Cape Town are held accountable.

We expresses our sincere condolences to Nkohla’s family. He will be remembered for his tireless advocacy for the rights of the marginalised, helping to ensure that hundreds of people gain access to basic sanitation.

ActionSA commits to continue the work Nkohla started, and we have already lodged complaints with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) about the lack of basic sanitation in the communities of Siqalokutsha in Cape Town and Tsitsi Two in Saldanha Bay.