Mangaung Metro on the Verge of Forfeiting R200 million Due to Defunct Leadership

The Mangaung Metro is on the verge of forfeiting R 200 million unutilised conditional grants to the Treasury, should this happen, it will be for the second time after the Metro, in April, forfeited R75 million.

This is money could have been utilized for service delivery. Specifically, this R200 million could have built 1818 RDP houses at R110 000 a house.


  • The majority of Mangaung residents are without proper toilets, most notably at Caleb Motshabi, this money could build 20 000 toilets at R10 000 per toilet.
  • To combat crime and create youth employment, with this money the Metro could create 133 333 neighbourhood watch jobs for R1500 stipend a youth.
  • Household spending is almost at R500 a month on electricity which amounts to R6000 a year, the municipality could have assisted 333 households with free electricity for a year.
  • This could have also been used to create Smart City in all Mangaung’s informal settlements by providing 100 Mpbs free Wi-Fi benefitting 400 000 people.

Because of the Metro’s rudderless leadership and ineptitude, this money seems destined to be returned to Treasury with no possibility of a roll-over being granted as seen in eThekwini Metro just last month.

Mangaung’s crisis stems from the ANC’s factionalism and the vacant senior positions. They have recently appointed a City Manager and are promising to appoint a Chief Financial Officer. This, a full three years since the local government elections.

It beggars the imagination. What has the Bloemfontein Leadership been doing all this time if not stabilising the city to provide desperately needed services?

At our recent policy conference, we resolved that under an ActionSA government, South Africa will be a capable, streamlined, politically independent state that delivers high-quality services to its residents in a cost-effective and timely manner.

State institutions will be managed and staffed by highly qualified, ethical and committed public servants who operate with a high degree of professionalism, care and sense of duty.

We are on track to achieve our goal of being the second biggest political party in the 2024 elections. There is hope for South Africa that change is coming.