Mashaba and Mangope Conclude Successful 3-Day North West Tour Culminating in Launch of Record 12 Branches

ActionSA President, Herman Mashaba and I have, this past weekend, successfully concluded a three-day tour of the Ngaka Modiri Molema Region in the North West Province.

Our first engagement was with the community of Itsoseng Village in Ditsobotla who are unhappy about the closure and decommissioning of Thusong District Hospital. We have accepted this community’s petition and will take their matter up for discussion and a decision in our next leadership meeting.  In particular, the community wants us to join them in their legal battle against the closure of Thusong District Hospital, which was patently irrational and unfair.

During this tour, we resolved to continue working with religious leaders of all formations as part of our stakeholder relations and we look forward to more of these kinds of engagements in the near future as we embark on the road to the 2024 General Elections.

We remain concerned about service delivery in the North West Province as it is deteriorating on a daily basis. The North West team took the President on an oversight visit to the Seweding and Phola villages to highlight this problem. The community of Seweding and Phola villages are being ignored by the Mahikeng Local Municipality after reporting a sewerage spill close to two months ago and it has still not been attended to.

Guided by one of our seven pillars, we will restore the dignity of these villages by making representations to the Acting Premier of North West, Nono Maloyi, to intervene as a matter of urgency.

President Mashaba, for his part, has already made an appeal to the office of President Cyril Ramaphosa for intervention.

Mahikeng Local Municipality cannot continue to ignore these residents any longer.

As part of our growth strategy as a party, we are forging ahead with our campaign to recruit new members to the party and build wall-to-wall branches and yesterday we reached a milestone with a launch of 12 new branches on a single day at Unibo Chapel.

These launches are a testament to our growth as a party in this province and it is also a sign that the people of this region and the North West Province want a change.  

As recruitment is critical to the growth of our party, we have resolved to continue the work to register new members into our party’s ranks and assist them with registering as voters with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). This is a task that has been allocated to all Branch Chairpersons in the province. 

The growth of ActionSA in this Province will help us in our campaign to win the government in the upcoming 2024 national and provincial elections.

We will also pursue issues on behalf of the forgotten people of this province, including the collapse of all types of infrastructure, the failing healthcare system, dilapidated schools and the unending electricity and water crises across the province.

To that end, in the next few weeks, ActionSA in the North West will be identifying municipalities that are battling with the provision of these services and making interventions where necessary.

I have tasked all Regional Chairpersons in our five regions to engage in programmes that will assist communities in reporting these challenges to their respective municipalities and following up with municipal officials to ensure that feedback is given to residents. 

ActionSA believes these efforts will instil confidence in ActionSA’s ability to fix problems related to service delivery in the province.

It is now time for change.

ActionSA will bring hope and services to the people of the North West Province- that is our commitment.