Mayor Brink’s Focus on Auditor-General Findings Step in Right Direction but Concern Remains Over Practicalities

ActionSA welcomes City of Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink’s focus to address the adverse findings of the Auditor-General (A-G) into the city’s finances during his maiden State of The Capital Address (SoCA). However, we are concerned that his speech lacked detail on how these findings will be turned around.

As a member of the City of Tshwane multi-party government, ActionSA will continue to ensure that the city’s finances are turned around to ensure that quality basic services are delivered to all residents, including those in informal areas.

ActionSA is also concerned that Mayor Brink made no mention to address the city’s growing homeless population, while no mention was made to insourcing cleaning and security employees. These are key areas of concern, and we will ensure that Mayor Brink gives them the attention they deserve as we approach the annual budget cycle for the 2023/24 financial year.

ActionSA, a party which values ethical leadership, will through the multi-party government continue to engage Mayor Brink and work with him to enhance service delivery to ensure that the lives of residents are improved.

We will also continue to monitor the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment Plant where the city irregularly awarded a tender to a Gupta accomplice, Edwin Sodi, to ensure that the community of Hammanskraal finally receives clean and safe drinking water.As the party who has championed the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment Plant since 2020, ActionSA is committed that those implicated in wrongdoing with regards to the stalled project are held accountable.

ActionSA believes that through ethical leadership, economic prosperity, and the rule of law which are the key values of our party, the City of Tshwane can be turned around and become an example of what can be achieved in South Africa when the ANC is removed from power.