Mbalula, your three months are up, when will you retrieve the Lily Mine 3 as you promised?

At an ANC Workers’ Day event in Barberton, Mpumalanga, the Secretary-General of the ANC, Fikile Mbalula, in the spirit of solidarity with the workers, made lofty and cruel promises to the families of the deceased miners, who tragically perished in the collapse of the Lily Mine some 7.5 years ago, and the community in general that Government would be retrieving the bodies within three months from date of his speech. 

It has now been more than three months since he made the commitment on behalf of the party in Government and, to date, the bodies have not been retrieved nor has the Government advised the families of the deceased miners of any plan regarding the retrieval of the bodies.

As such, we have written to Mr Mbalula imploring him to give effect to his commitment and honour his promise to retrieve the container in which the Lily Mine Three remain entombed and to urge his government to stop hiding behind convoluted business rescue practices.

We hereby call on Mr Mbalula to advise the families of when and which government department will be retrieving the bodies of the deceased miners as he committed to doing so during his Workers’ Day remarks.

It is important to note that it has been over 7 years since the Lily Mine collapsed and ActionSA and the families of the deceased miners have not had any assistance from either the ANC or the ANC-led Government despite the families’ repeated pleas for assistance from Government which are continuously ignored.

ActionSA has been the only Party to continuously support the families of the deceased miners and has continuously assisted the community at large and has ensured, to the extent that it is possible, that the families of the deceased miners are given the respect and support that they both need and deserve.

ActionSA will continue to support the families of the victims of this tragedy that has now turned into a pressing humanitarian issue.

We urge the ANC-led Government to, as promised, act with humanity and compassion so the families could have closure on this matter.