Michael Beaumont

Justice and Public Enterprises and Infrastructure

Introducing Michael Beaumont

Michael Beaumont is nominated as the Fix South Africa team member in charge of Infrastructure. He is 39 years old and has served as the National Chairperson of ActionSA since its inception.

Michael holds a BA(Hons) in Politics and Environmental Science from Rhodes University and has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Wits Business School.

Michael served as Herman Mashaba’s Chief of Staff in the City of Johannesburg during his term as Mayor.

During this time, he led a team that were essential in redirecting R2 billion of wasteful expenditure to infrastructure priorities and driving our change agenda through an administration that was not initially aligned to our programme of action.

It is these attributes of political leadership that will prove invaluable in the assignment as the Fix South Africa team member in charge of Infrastructure. This assignment will require transversal management of departments to produce and oversee the implementation of an aggressive programme of infrastructure rollout aimed at driving economic growth and service delivery. Michael has the track record to deliver on this priority.

Since the 2021 local government elections, Michael has been ActionSA’s point person in managing the coalitions in which we are involved and was himself central to the construction of the Multi-Party Charter. This experience alone will prove invaluable in a future where coalitions appear likely.