MMC Tembe Hands Over Refurbished House to Gogo Elizabeth

After a two-week long renovations and facelift, the MMC for Public Safety, Councillor David Tembe has today handed over a fully refurbished house to Eighty Five (85) year old senior citizen Gogo Elizabeth Nkosi. 

The MMC for Public Safety, Cllr David Tembe identified the house in Zola 1 Soweto and started the refurbishment on it as part of Mandela day commemoration on the 18th July 2022.

Since 1959, Gogo Elizabeth has been living in a small, aged and decrepit house with her grandchildren- whom she supports with a social grant.

Backed by the South African Breweries (SAB) and other sponsors, MMC Tembe led his public safety charges on Mandela Day to repaint Gogo Elizabeth’s house and fit in a new roof to replace the leaking one.

The property was spruced up to make it liveable and restore Gogo’s dignity.

“Today is a wonderful day and I would like to thank all of you who took part in this project and delivered it on time. The Public Safety department is a caring department, we don’t just arrest those who commit unlawful acts, but we also take care of our community,” said MMC Tembe.

Gogo Elizabeth was also donated new furniture, tiles, roofing, blankets, electronic appliances and food.

MMC Tembe also used the opportunity to acknowledge the sponsors who made Gogo’s dream come true, “We hope this humanitarian act of ours will not end with Gogo’s house. Let me send a word of appreciation and gratitude to all our sponsors. This would not have been possible without your involvement”.

The house renovations were sponsored by the South African Breweries (SAB), Aranda Textiles, Mr. Bobat, Mr. Jada – Jadas Hardware, Mr. Duma Tembe (no relation to MMC Tembe), Gauteng Provincial Disaster Management and City of Johannesburg’s Department of Social Development.

On Mandela day, 18 July 2022 Cllr Tembe spent more than 67 minutes painting the house and installing a new roof, however more work needed to be done for a period of two weeks.

In addition, the MMC also planted organic crops such as spinach, cabbage, and other vegetables in Gogo Elizabeth’s backyard.

True to their craft, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) choir serenaded Gogo and her neighbourhood with tranquil music, before and after the handover.

Gogo Elizabeth expressed her gratitude to the City’s Public Safety Department and the sponsors who made her house look new and beautiful.

“Thank you so much. My house was too old, and when it was raining, it would leak, and we’d get wet. May God bless you all.  I hope you do this for others and not me alone,” said Gogo Elizabeth.

Community members in Zola1 were overwhelmed with excitement to witness Gogo Elizabeth the handover of Gogo’s new house.

They reminisced about how Gogo positively contributed to the safety of the community in the 1990’s. Some credited her with playing a pivotal role in ensuring that the safe bridge connecting the area to the nearby amenities was erected.