MMC Tembe Leads Public Safety Monthly Performance

Public Safety is measured not simply by the absence of crime, but also by the presence of fairness and justice. The department’s objective is to build a city where life, property and are safe and secure so that residents and businesses can live and thrive.

It’s because of that mission, that ActionSA’s MMC Tembe saw it necessary, to reintroduce Operation Buya Mthetho on behalf of the multiparty City of Johannesburg government, after taking office in December 2021. It’s in that regard that the press conference served as an opportunity, to highlight what the department has achieved thus far.

Operation Buya Mthetho is a multi-disciplinary initiative, that aims to enforce by-laws, through strategic operations across the city of Johannesburg. It drives efforts on visible patrols, daily roadside checkpoints, major roadblocks, and multiple joint operations with other law enforcement agencies or departments, community organisations and the public it serves to address.

We are responsible to the people that have elected us. And so, it is important that we are accountable and transparent. The press conference gave a breakdown of the successes and challenges faced by the city.

These include all arrests, impoundments, traffic citations and all categories of crimes that JMPD officers are duly empowered to deal with.

The following are some of the highlights, among others, that demonstrate the effectiveness of Operation Buya Mthetho in fighting crime in the city:

  • Deployment of 1800 officers in the inner city in February;
  • All officers received their Infrastructure Numbers by the Department of Transport, enabling them to write citations. They have since hit the ground running. All of them were provided with tools of trade such as firearms, pepper sprays, bulletproof vests;
  • During load-shedding, all metro police officers were assigned to do point duties in the morning from 06:00am to 09:00am and in the evenings from 16h00 to 1800;
  • 80 EPWP Traffic Wardens are already in the academy and have already started. They will complete their 3 months course and be able to write citations, impound;
  • Urban Search and Rescue Teams from EMS were deployed to Durban, KZN, during the disaster;
  • The same urban search and rescue team from EMS recovered the body of 6-year-old Khayalethu Magadla from Dlamini, Soweto after 21 days;
  • The department also rolled up sleeves during Mandela day to deliver a refurbished House to 85 year old Gogo Elizabeth Nkosi and grandchildren in Dlamini, Zola1;
  • JMPD officers also saved three children in Hillbrow who were trapped in a third-floor building;
  • We are in the process of deploying officers in all 7 regions. We have already started in Region E, with 66 officers who were deployed in Alexandra for crime prevention, in terms of visibility;
  • We are going to reduce fatalities on our roads, by deploying our resources at the hotspots; and
  • Lastly, due to the fact that we recently had a lot of drive-by-shootings, we have introduced 22, 44, 88 points day and night, as our crime prevention strategy where we stop and search vehicles for compliance on the roads.

In terms of by-laws, from January 2022- June 2022, the department removed a total of 1 540 shacks, took down over 20 000 illegal posters, impounded 5390 perishable goods, and impounded 1600kg cables removed and impounded 53 rubble removal trucks- just to name a few.

Some of the highlights included the arrests of 8 suspects for possession of stolen copper worth R1 million in Jeppestown. 2 suspects were also nabbed for human trafficking in the Johannesburg CBD. Joint operations saw 25 scrapyards being raided. In addition, liquor outlets were also raided, and second-hand goods impounded.

Public Safety is also in the process of creating an infrastructure unit, to help better protect vulnerable infrastructure in the city. The department is also working hard on dealing with illegal immigration.

All these things will be reported every month in order to restore the public’s confidence in our law enforcement efforts. We owe it to the residents of Johannesburg.