Mohammed Shah


Introducing Mohammed Shah

Mohammed is a prominent figure with a rich tapestry of experiences spanning his involvement in religious, social, and political spheres. Born into a life dedicated to service and activism, Mohammed has tirelessly championed causes that advocate for justice, equality, and community development.

In his social life, Mohammed’s commitment to fostering religious harmony and community cohesion is evident through his roles as a member of the SJU Islamic Council of Theologians and as the esteemed Imam of the Raza Mosque in Phoenix. His leadership extends to his former chairperson-ship of the Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa and his membership in the World Council on Religion and Peace. Additionally, Mohammed’s involvement in various committees across religious, cultural, and social organisations underscores his dedication to building inclusive and harmonious communities.

Mohammed’s political journey is marked by a profound commitment to the struggle for freedom and social justice. Beginning with his involvement in the ANC in 1975, where he spent 17 years in political exile, Mohammed has been a steadfast advocate for progressive change. Upon his return in 1988, he actively participated in the UDF, contributing to the fight against apartheid. His contributions extended to international platforms, where he served on committees such as the Indian Ocean Trade Block Initiative and the Steering Committee for the White Paper on Defence. Mohammed’s transition to the DA in 2003 reflects his belief in the party’s principles and vision for a democratic South Africa.

During his parliamentary career, Mohammed served as a DA MP in the National Assembly from 2004 to 2012, where he held key portfolios, including Shadow Minister of Defence and Deputy Shadow Minister of Correctional Services and Tourism and Environmental Affairs. Subsequently, he served as a DA MPL in the KZN Legislature from 2014 to 2019, where he assumed roles as a spokesperson on Transport and Public Works, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to public service.

Mohammed’s academic qualifications underscore his deep understanding of religious studies and theology, with degrees ranging from Bachelor’s to Master’s levels in Islamic Studies, Arabic Language & Literature, and Theology. His pursuit of knowledge is further exemplified by his Higher Diploma in Comparative Religious Sciences and Jurisprudence and his certification in Qur’anic Law.

With a lifelong dedication to service, Mohammed continues to be a beacon of leadership and advocacy, contributing tirelessly to the betterment of society and the advancement of democratic ideals. His multifaceted experiences and unwavering commitment to social justice make him a respected figure in both religious and political circles.