MPs Debate Spoils of Public Funds While South Africans Suffer

Yesterday, South Africans had to endure the insult of watching out of touch MPs fight over what share of the R1.5 billion of public funding each of them should get, while they suffered in cities and towns, farmlands and villages across our country.

The reality is that those parties in the National Assembly have either failed in government or have failed in opposition. This is precisely why established parties have either stagnated or declined over the past few elections because South Africans have grown tired of their failures.

South Africans have endured the great challenges that they face while budgets for policing, education and healthcare are reduced every year while these very same MPs voted to receive R1,5 billion in taxpayer funding.

These political parties in the National Assembly spent much of today debating what share of this R1,5 billion they each should receive. They used terms like ‘vibrant multi-party democracy’ while they have worked to put up every barrier to entry to maintain the status quo against the wishes of South Africans.

The only solution for South Africans is to vote differently in this election because voting for those parties represented in the National Assembly will only result in more of what South Africa has already endured. Change can only come from doing something differently.