Multi-Party Charter hosts successful engagement with civil society

The Multi-Party Charter today hosted a constructive meeting with over twenty civil society organisations, which together represent a broad diversity of voices within South African society.

We have listened to civil society, sincerely appreciate the time taken to share their thoughts with us, and we will take on board what they have said.

The Multi-Party Charter arranged this gathering because we wanted to hear from civil society organisations what they want from us, how we can together change South Africa’s political trajectory, and how a new Charter government can create a new framework to work together with civil society under a new coalition government.

Subjects covered included how to grow the economy, tackle crime and corruption, reform and protect the electoral system, protect the Constitution and our institutions, unleash the power of the private sector, strengthen the capacity of the public sector, promote youth employment, improve the education system, and promote voter education and registration.

The diverse and autonomous political parties and civil society organisations that gathered at the Birchwood Hotel in Johannesburg today represent many different sectors, groups and interests of South African society. But it is clear that on many issues we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, on common ground. We all recognise that 2024 presents an opportunity to bring the change South Africa needs.

It is clear that we all love this country, believing South Africa has immense unfulfilled potential. The engagement reflected a deep commitment to fixing and building our country for the benefit of all, a commitment to growing the economy and building a more inclusive society, and a commitment to working together to bring the change South Africa needs.

The Multi-Party Charter is committed to ongoing meaningful engagement with civil society, recognising the immensely important and growing role that civil society plays in South Africa today, actively filling in for the failing ANC government. Only ongoing collaboration with civil society can turn around our cities,  provinces and country.

The Multi-Party Charter is committed to this project. We will feed the inputs received from civil society today into our ongoing process to build common ground on policy and governance on the road to a new government in 2024.