Multi-Party Coalition Takes Back Tshwane – Residents to Become the Priority Again

The multi-party coalition has taken back leadership of the City of Tshwane following the successful election of Cilliers Brink as Mayor of Tshwane.

The past few weeks have been a display of instability after the ANC and EFF sought to undermine the majority voters awarded to the political parties that constitute our multi-party coalition. This time has seen the agenda of the residents of Tshwane trampled on by those who sought to steal control of the City of Tshwane and this must be corrected.

The message from our multi-party coalition to Mayor Brink is to ensure that the service delivery agenda of the residents is placed at the forefront of the council agenda. For this to happen the Mayoral Committee needs to be appointed and work must begin immediately to ensure that a service delivery budget to brought to council and that work begins immediately on improving governance in the City.

The multi-party coalition has acted in a unified manner since the election of Makwarela as Mayor on 28 February 2023. Parties have worked together, never losing focus on the need to ensure that the majority awarded to our coalition, by the voters, is restored in council.

The multi-party coalition remains committed to urgent legal action relating to the refusal of the Speaker to allow a motion of no confidence to be considered yesterday. Our legal teams are making progress and will submit court papers on Thursday.