Nompumeleo Edward

Public Service

Introducing Nompumeleo Edward

Nompumelelo Edward has been nominated as a member of Team Fix South Africa. An accomplished individual who has defied the odds, her journey serves as a testimony to the calibre of leaders ActionSA believes will make our fight to Fix South Africa winnable.

Nompumelelo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Cape Town. She also has a Postgraduate Degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, an MBA from Regenesys Business School and is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Zululand.

As a Councillor in the City of Johannesburg, Nompumelelo has served the residents of Johannesburg with dedication and has fought to reignite the many gains of my tenure as the Mayor of the City.

Coupled with her experience as a manager at the South African Revenue Service, Nompumelelo’s career spans various roles that provide her with a unique perspective on critical issues. As a member of the Economic Development Committee, she is well-versed in the socio-economic issues affecting South Africans, especially women worldwide. This is why she is committed to the cause that the empowerment of women is vital for our economic development.

I am proud to have this Actioner, with a distinguished career and academic pursuits, join us. I have no doubt that she will breathe life into the realisation of ActionSA’s pursuit of economic prosperity and justice, a fight that our team in Parliament will be tasked with.