North-West Premier Bushy Maape’s Empty SOPA

On Friday 18 February 2022, North-West Premier Kaobitsa Bushy Maape presented the State of the Province Address, yet another set of empty promises to NW residents who for the past 28 years have been pleading for improved service delivery. 

In his opening statement, the Premier said: “we want to turn the North-West into a working province guided by values of respect, accountability, professionalism, listening, caring and responsive government.” When the ANC took over in 1994, Bophuthatswana (now North-West Province) was comparatively more successful than other former Bantustans in socio-economic development owing to its mineral wealth. The ANC inherited a government that stood against corruption and placed the residents’ needs ahead of its own ambitions.

It is so ironic that today, after almost 3 decades of thievery, mismanagement and rampant corruption in the province, the ANC suddenly speaks of changing the lives of the people of North-West, when its leadership has single-handedly plunged the province into ruin.

Throughout the province, many of our people still do not have adequate housing, reliable access to water and proper sanitation. Our road infrastructure is less than adequate, not to mention dilapidating state infrastructure. 

For the Premier to report that they have reached out to the Infrastructure South Africa (ISA) Unit in the Presidency, to assist with the establishment of monitoring capacity in the Office of the Premier to improve infrastructure delivery is not only too little too late, but also a slap in the face of North-West residents who desperately needs results. It doesn’t take an astute scientist to see that things are going horribly wrong in the province and that no monitoring of that is needed, simply good old-fashioned political will to turn things around. 

It is baffling that the government of the day simply refuses to wake up and smell the manure. The people are tired of political rhetoric and endless bureaucratic processes that produce nothing but new opportunities for political elites and their allies to steal.

All this must stop!

I am pleased to inform the people of our beloved Platinum Province that this coming Saturday 5 March 2022, the leadership of our bourgeoning new political movement, ActionSA that includes our party-president, Mr Herman Mashaba; ActionSA National Chairperson, Michael Beaumont; ActionSA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, John Moodey; Director of Operations and the MMC of Transport in the City of Johannesburg, Funzi Ngobeni; fellow member of ActionSA Senate and MMC of Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg, Chief David Tembe; as well as Leader of ActionSA Ekurhuleni Caucus and MMC of Public Safety, Tlhogi Moseki will launch the #LetsFixNorthwest Campaign.

At the launch, we will unveil ActionSA’s plans to contest the 2024 National Elections at North-West University.

Proceedings will take place as follows:

Part 1: Door-to-door and roadside blitz by activists and members of ActionSA

Venue: Viva Garage, R49 Mahikeng Zeerust Road

Time: 07h00

Part 2: Official Launch

Venue: Unibo Chapel, North-West University

Time: 10h00