Pieter Scribante

Economic Development

Introducing Pieter Scribante

Pieter is a distinguished economist and political scientist, renowned for his expertise in macroeconomic forecasting, economic impact assessment, and political-economic risk analysis. With a robust educational background encompassing esteemed institutions such as The London School of Economics, the University of Pretoria, and Fordham University, Pieter has honed his skills and knowledge in various facets of economics and international relations.

As a Senior Economist at Oxford Economics Africa, Pieter serves as a principal analyst for Nigeria and Mauritius while covering a myriad of other African economies. His contributions include the development of the Oxford Economics Africa Political Economic Risk model, a groundbreaking tool for quantitatively assessing policy risks across the continent. Pieter’s role involves extensive economic modelling, forecasting, and engagement with media outlets to provide insightful analysis on economic and political developments.

Pieter’s commitment to research excellence is evident in his tenure as an assistant researcher at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he contributed to projects exploring the socio-economic determinants of populism in the UK and the evolution of political party donations in the European Parliament. Additionally, his role as a South African Policy Researcher at Medley Advisors demonstrates his capacity to navigate complex policy landscapes and provide strategic insights to clients.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Pieter is deeply invested in academia, having served as an Assistant Lecturer and Tutor at the University of Pretoria, where he imparted knowledge in macroeconomics and political science to hundreds of students. His leadership acumen extends to his involvement in various student representative bodies, including the University of Pretoria’s Student Representative Council and the Student Council at Menlo Park High School.

Pieter’s contributions to the field of economics have been recognised through numerous awards and scholarships, including the prestigious Chevening Scholarship for his Master’s studies at LSE. His research has been published in academic journals, and he has received accolades such as the Best Economic Forecaster award and the Founder’s Medal for Best Economics Research in South Africa.

With a keen interest in political economy, international development, and policy development, Pieter continues to make significant strides in shaping discourse and driving positive change within the global economic landscape. His dedication to excellence, coupled with his diverse skill set and leadership experience, positions him as a notable figure in the field of economics and political science.