Polling Puts ActionSA Ahead in Joburg

New polling has revealed that ActionSA is emerging as the biggest party in Johannesburg while the ANC, DA and EFF have suffered significant declines.

The polling was commissioned by ActionSA and was conducted using a weighted sample representative of the demographics in Johannesburg with a margin of error of 4% and a confidence interval of 95%.

The polling represents a snapshot into voter sentiment and a potential voter outcome within the coming elections.

The recent poll sees ActionSA emerging as the frontrunner with 31.7%, the ANC with 30.5% (down from 44% in 2016), the DA on 24% (down from 38% in 2016) and the EFF on 7.3% (down from 11% in 2016).

ActionSA 31.7%
ANC 30.5%
DA 24%
EFF 7.3%

ActionSA considered it critical to release this information given the tendency for local government elections to be modelled at a national level without regard for specific municipalities. It is also critical to demonstrate to South Africans just how far established political parties are declining.

It is critical to mention that the poll found an alarming number of respondents who communicated an intention to stay away from the polls in these elections. This produces a level of volatility in polling due to the changes in the likely to turnout segment of the population.

Of greatest importance, from an ActionSA perspective from the polling, is the finding that voters who encounter ActionSA material convert more readily to ActionSA than any other political party. Our challenge arises from the need to take our offer to more people who due to our relative youth, do not yet know enough about ActionSA.

We are pleased but not surprised by what the polling demonstrates. While established parties want to try and tell voters that they are the only party capable of removing governments, this is patently incorrect.

ActionSA will continue to take our message to every voter in the municipalities we will contest so that we can fulfil our mandate from the South African people to build the first real alternative, capable of unseating failing governments.