Primrose Illegal Foreigner’s Bail Irrationally Extended

ActionSA is angered on behalf of all law-abiding South Africans that on 23 February at the Germiston Magistrates’ Court, in the case of Mr Tony Kadzadi (jointly for being present in South Africa without lawful documentation as well as a case for alleged sexual harassment), the case was not only postponed to 9 March, causing justice to be delayed, but moreover that an illegal foreigner’s bail was extended by the court.

It certainly appears to be irrational that a person with no legal or valid address in South Africa should be on bail. It is the legal and rational view of ActionSA that illegal foreigners should be deported and that anyone who perpetuates crimes within the borders of South Africa should face legal consequences to deter others from committing crimes.

Apart from being unlawfully present within the borders of South Africa, cases of sexual harassment and theft exist against this individual, and he is a known hijacker of buildings (as per numerous witness reports and prior cases laid with the South African Police Service). It is clear that this individual is facing many allegations of criminality which indicate that while in South Africa, he not only resides here illegally, but to add insult to injury, perpetuates crime against South African citizens.

One of the factors to determine bail is to establish whether someone is a flight risk. This is an outrage appreciating that this man is a potential flight risk as he can flee the country undetected as he is here illegally in the first instance.

Moreover, the fact that he was able to obtain bail with consummate ease despite facing a multitude of criminal charges, is deeply unsettling as in the ordinary course of events, the more charges that one faces determines the difficulty in obtaining bail. This is as per the Criminal Procedure Act.

At court, a gentleman fully clad in EFF regalia was present to support this illegal foreigner. We note that the EFF has continuously called for a borderless continent and EFF President Malema has publicly encouraged foreigners to enter the country illegally. We hope that this gentleman’s attendance was not sanctioned by the EFF in any manner or form. As ActionSA, we are steadfastly committed to the rule of law and certainly do not condone people residing in the country without the requisite documentation. Moreover, this matter was merged with one of sexual harassment, laid by Ms Patricia Khoza. We sincerely hope that the gentleman in question did not come to represent his party in some sort of absurd defence of gender-based violence.

Not only is Ms Khoza an alleged victim of sexual harassment at the hands of Mr Kadzadi, but she has informed ActionSA’s lawyers that allegedly a friend of Mr Kadzadi is following her and that she fears for her physical safety.

ActionSA’s legal team will be writing to and meeting with the public prosecutor at the Germiston Magistrates’ Court to strongly urge that bail be revoked in this matter, not only due to Mr Kadzadi residing unlawfully within the borders of South Africa, but that certainly the conditions of bail have not been abided with by causing Ms Khoza to feel intimidated.

ActionSA will not relent in this case until justice is done.

We will fix Primrose, we will fix Ekurhuleni and we will ultimately fix South Africa.