Primrose Slumlord Irrationally Released from Police Custody Despite Serious Charges

ActionSA has just learned that the Nigerian foreign national who stands accused of intimidation and harassment has now been released despite the serious charges level against him. This individual is also a slumlord who is alleged to have hijacked several buildings in Primrose, Ekurhuleni.

His release puts Ms. Patricia Khoza, who reported him, at risk. This is an outrage appreciating that this man is a potential flight risk and can flee the country undetected as he is here illegally in the first instance.

As such ActionSA has tonight written to the South African Police Service (SAPS) Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner and Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, to urgently remedy this highly irregular state of affairs by no later than 17:00 tomorrow, 24 January 2023, or provide full reasons for not doing so.

The man was arrested on Wednesday, 11 January 2023, after ActionSA was made aware of the individual and his alleged harassment and intimidation of tenants and requested that the Primrose SAPS address the matter.

After his arrest, the man lodged a complaint against the woman who raised concern for damaging his property and she was arrested – despite the man illegally occupying the property in the first place.

This again highlights the rogue elements that exist within the SAPS, and who are influenced by illegal elements where a complainant who has laid a charge of harassment and intimidation against an illegal occupier is in turn charged and arrested.

We have since laid an official complaint with IPID concerning the irregular treatment of Ms Khoza, as well as that of a second complainant who is similarly a victim of the misdeeds of what is factually an illegal immigrant who continues to break our country’s laws with impunity.

ActionSA’s lawyers succeeded in freeing Ms Khoza, but this release makes her vulnerable to further intimidation and harassment.

We will therefore ask the authorities to reconsider their decision to allow him out on bail and remand him in jail until he is ready to stand trial for the case he stands accused.

Failure to do so would constitute a gross miscarriage of justice as the man concerned is not only within the country’s borders without the proper documentation but continues to flout the laws of the Republic with reckless abandon and minimal consequences.