Reckless Claims by Deputy Minister Parks Tau Suggesting That Our Medical Healthcare Is Without Challenges Lacks Substance

ActionSA notes the baseless claims made by Deputy Minister of CoGTA, Parks Tau, which suggests that the South African medical care is without any challenges, because of the recent influx of medical care tourists into the country.

These claims are strikingly without merit.

It goes without saying that medical care tourism is of course affordable to those coming into South Africa from strong economies, due to the favourable currency exchange rates to rand which affords them easy access to the care. This is tourism happening only for purposes of the private medical care which comes at exorbitant prices for citizens including those on medical aid, due to poor package offerings at high prices.

It is therefore disheartening to witness the Deputy Minister loosely dismissing the dysfunctionality of our medical healthcare and using generic statements to collectively speak to the country’s health system which is made up of both private, and public healthcare that continues to deteriorate.

It must however be noted that we also experience medical care tourism at a w scale by our neighbouring countries who often cross the borders illegally, to come seek free medical attention in South Africa. A practice that overburdens and threatens to collapse our public healthcare.

The Deputy Minister is praising accessibility to quality medical care by only the affluent whose economies allows them access into the expensive private health care offered by South Africa. These are sentiments displaying lack of political will towards the much-needed medical care reform, which will ensure accessibility and affordability for all South Africans.

Under an ActionSA government, all South Africans would live in a world where they could gain access to world class healthcare.

As ActionSA we believe in fixing the medical care system to ensure healthcare equality for all South Africans, and we believe that our public healthcare can be of the same quality as that of private healthcare, which is currently experiencing medical care tourism, if we direct funds towards upgrading our facilities and the available skills human capital.