Residents of Ward 53 to get a much needed multipurpose centre

ActionSA is pleased to announce that the residents of ward 53 Soweto will get a much needed multipurpose centre following an intervention by our ward 53 Candidate, Dudu Ngubeni.

The multiparty party coalition government in the City of Johannesburg agreed to make provision for the multipurpose centre in the 2022/23 financial year.

Ward 53 is largely made up of disadvantaged communities such as Slovoville and Lufhereng that have been failed by the successive ANC ward councillors, and now they have an opportunity to vote in a new, caring servant leader in of  ActionSA’s  Dudu Ngubeni.

Dudu has already started working for the community and it is her kind of determination, drive and passion for the people of ward 53 that makes her the right candidate to support at the by-election on Wednesday, 1st June

We urge the community of ward 53 to go out in numbers to vote for Dudu Ngubeni. If she has been able to accomplish what she has achieved as a candidate, then she’ll definitely be able to do much more as an elected  councillor in the City of Johannesburg.