SA Cannot Rely on the ANC to Remove Parliament Speaker, so we Must on 29 May

ActionSA is not holding its breath about what will come of the raid on the National Assembly (NA) Speaker’s home in relation to the allegations of bribery against her.

The reason for this sceptical attitude is the fact that we’ve seen all too many examples of senior ANC office bearers being implicated in fraud, corruption, bribery and impropriety with no consequences.

Calling for her to abide by the ANC’s own compromised “step aside” policy is absolutely futile because their parliamentary and legislature lists are all jam packed with comrades that have had to step aside yet they are being presented for re-election.

Then, of course, there are the specific examples of, Gwede Mantashe and, Nomvula Mokonyane who were implicated with evidence in the BOSASA corruption and bribery expose by Angelo Agrizzi. Nothing has happened to these ANC luminaries, and they continue to strut the political stage with brazen impunity.

This is, therefore, the reason why we won’t even bother with calling for the ANC to hold the spotlight upon themselves, because they failed so miserably with Zuma’s Nkandla disgrace and as poorly with regard to Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala saga of criminality and legislative contempt.

What we do want to place on the record, though, is that we, as ActionSA, will not countenance the ANC even thinking about imposing Mapise-Nqakula on the NA as Speaker in the unlikely event (heaven forbid) of them being able to cobble together a coalition of government post the 2024 elections.

ActionSA has a core foundational principle of demanding, ethical leadership and we plan to provide this to SA in all nine provincial legislatures and the National Assembly.

We will therefore oppose anyone implicated in these contemptible practices being appointed to positions of authority in the 7th Parliament and we will have significant numbers and representation to vigorously oppose this ongoing arrogance and disdain that the ANC and its leadership has shown to the people of SA.

We are going to Fix SA by ridding our country of such compromised leadership and we believe that the electorate will also punish the ANC for their lack of respect for our constitutional and legislative provisions not to mention the Executive Members’ Ethics Act. South Africa deserves to have better and more ethical leaders.