Sedibeng Municipality Blocks Access to Sharpeville Hall after ActionSA Does Repairs for the Community

The Sedibeng Local Municipality’s decision to rescind our request to access Sharpeville Community Hall is a clear attempt to block our Human Rights Day activities.

Mothobi Nqhatsetseng, ActionSA Sedibeng Regional Chairperson, has been in conversation with Municipality for weeks to gain access to the Hall.

Our activists spent more than seven days cleaning and repairing the hall that the Municipality left to decay for 10 years with pigeon excrement covering the floors and broken plumbing, but on Thursday, we were informed of the abrupt decision to rescind our request for access.

The Municipality said that it had requested the provincial government to carry out repairs to the building, but it is curious that an inspection of the building and the purported repairs were only initiated once ActionSA started cleaning the building.

Cleaning the hall was an attempt by ActionSA to create work opportunities for the local youth in the community who are often addicted to Nyaope, and to repair key infrastructure for the community to enjoy. A similar project was planned in the nearby Mphatlalatsane Community Hall in Sebokeng to repair the building and return it to the community, but this is also blocked by the Municipality’s sudden reactive repairs.

However, ActionSA remains resolute to be in Sharpeville on Human Rights Day to honour those who sacrificed their lives for our democracy.