Sello Lediga

Traditional Affairs

Introducing Sello Lediga

Sello Lediga epitomises a beacon of hope for the people of Limpopo, poised to elevate ActionSA’s presence in the province to unprecedented heights. Born in 1962 in Alexandra and educated in Tembisa before pursuing higher education at Turfloop (now the University of Limpopo), Lediga’s journey is intertwined with a steadfast commitment to education, activism, and public service.

During his time at Turfloop, Lediga’s involvement in student politics within the Azanian Students Organisation (AZASO) and leadership roles in the Student Representative Council (SRC) underscored his passion for social change. His activism against Apartheid led to his detention in 1985, where he experienced firsthand the brutality of the oppressive regime.

Transitioning into academia, Lediga became a lecturer at Sekhukhune College of Education, eventually earning his Honours in History. Currently pursuing his Masters in history, Lediga’s academic pursuits reflect his dedication to understanding the past to shape a better future for Limpopo and South Africa.

Lediga’s tenure as the Director of Education in Limpopo under Premier Ngoako Ramatlhodi showcased his commitment to public service and excellence. However, disillusioned by the factionalism and corruption within the ANC, Lediga made the courageous decision to resign from the party in 2014. His subsequent exposé, “Tenders and the Fall of Limpopo,” shed light on the rampant corruption plaguing the province under ANC rule.

As Lediga embarks on a new chapter with ActionSA, his background in the ANC serves as a testament to the party’s inclusive approach to governance. Recognizing that true change can only be achieved by uniting South Africans across party lines, Lediga’s leadership embodies the spirit of collaboration and unity essential for building a brighter future for Limpopo and the nation.

Lediga’s joining of ActionSA marks a pivotal moment in the party’s journey towards national impact. With a commitment to building a truly multi-racial party and expanding its reach into rural communities, Lediga’s leadership promises to provide the people of Limpopo with a powerful alternative to the failed governance of the ANC.

As South Africa looks ahead to the 2024 elections, Lediga’s vision and dedication offer a beacon of hope for a future defined by integrity, accountability, and progress. With Lediga at the helm, ActionSA stands poised to deliver on its promise of fixing South Africa and ushering in a new era of prosperity for all its citizens.