Service Delivery Needs to Sit Atop the Agenda for Newly Appointed Mayors in Four Municipalities

ActionSA welcomes the resolution of the African National Congress (ANC) to finally appoint four substantive mayors at different municipalities in the province, which have been under the custody of temporary executives since the 2021 local government elections.

After focusing on internal politics and constant in-fighting, we are hopeful, albeit cautiously, that the ruling party can finally provide leadership to the people of this province and address the longstanding service delivery issues.

The communities in the Vhembe District Municipality, Collins Chabane Local Municipality, Makhado Local Municipality and especially Sekhukhune District Municipality, have expressed their outcry over lack of provision of services including access to clean water, provision of sanitation and housing backlogs since the dawn of democracy.

It is our firm belief, as ActionSA, that the slow pace of providing services to the poor in our province has exacerbated socio-political problems that exist in this rural province. The development of our communities and upward mobility of the individuals, depend on a government that prioritises basic service delivery needs of the people.

In the upcoming elections, we hope the people of Limpopo will remember that meaningful address of service delivery issues will require a committed alternative government of Action that will provide stability and prioritise service delivery to our communities.

It has been 30 years and the ruling party continues to fail, at every opportunity, to prioritise the needs of people in this province. The need for an alternative government is now.