Solly Moeng

International Relations

Introducing Solly Moeng

Solly Moeng joins me here today as a member of Team Fix South Africa. He is an accomplished communications expert, outspoken political commentator, and columnist, who has long spoken out against the rot that has led to South Africa’s decline.

Having paid the price for his vocal critique of the rot that continues to define our political establishment, Solly Moeng stands as a testament to the patriotism we want to bring back into government. Despite facing intimidation, his passion and determination to fix South Africa have never faltered.

With his experience in tourism marketing, lecturing at the EU Business School, and recognition as a well-versed commentator on South Africa’s political issues, Solly joins our team of ‘fixers’ with an extensive understanding of how to rebuild Brand South Africa and restore our standing on the world stage as an attractive destination and competitive market.

I am extremely proud to have South Africans of his calibre join ActionSA’s fight to put South Africa back on track towards prosperity, and I truly believe that his contribution will make our fight to Fix South Africa achievable.