South African Police Inaction Fuels Terror in Nelson Mandela Bay

ActionSA is deeply troubled by the alarming increase in kidnappings within the Nelson Mandela Bay region.

The latest incident involves the abduction of 34 year-old Sonam Gajjar, the wife of a prominent Kariega business owner, which occurred on Wednesday, March 13, outside her residence in Kariega. The spate of kidnappings in the Eastern Cape is causing growing concerns that threaten the local economy, similar to the mafia-style groups that pose a threat to industries like the construction industry.

We are also disappointed, though not surprised, by the overall increase in brazen crime incidents in Nelson Mandela Bay, particularly around Motherwell Schools for the past two months. Criminals have been targeting educators, causing distress and disruptions.

Recent robberies and car hijackings of educators at Canzibe Primary School, Zanaxolo Primary School, Fumisukoma Primary School, and Cingani High School demonstrate that lawlessness has taken root in our community, while SAPS does very little to bring any comfort. We recently accompanied our ActionSA president to visit Kwazakele High School to meet traumatised teaching staff who’ve been repeatedly robbed at gun point.

ActionSA and the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay are yet to see the gains or actual on-the-ground work by “Operation Shanela,” launched by Police Minister Bheki Cele last year. The minister is clearly out of touch and without a plan, failing the community of Nelson Mandela Bay and making absolutely no difference apart from always making public cameo appearances at crime scenes after the fact.

Residents of the Eastern Cape will very soon have the opportunity to vote out this overwhelmed and complicit government and vote for a political party that will ensure the upholding of the Rule of Law, the safety of communities, and a secure economic environment that will receive the necessary support to thrive.

Under an ActionSA government, Eastern Cape residents can look forward to harsher sentences for serious crimes and a province where communities will no longer be ravaged by crime. We can safely make this pledge with real conviction because we demand ethical leadership which in turn does not allow any of us to turn a blind eye to unlawful and criminal activity of our colleagues which is the Achilles heel of our current government.

Under our governance we will ensure that the police and other law enforcement agencies will make criminals live in fear, rather than law-abiding citizens living in fear.