The DA’s Motion to Dissolve eThekwini Metro Fails Due to its Own Arrogance

During today’s Special Council meeting, ActionSA heeded the call made to us by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to support their Motion to dissolve eThekwini calling for the dissolution of the eThekwini Metro Municipality council under the Municipal Structures Act.

Driven by our shared concerns regarding the Municipality’s consistent failure to deliver adequate administrative services, manage the City’s finances effectively, and deliver satisfactory service delivery to eThekwini residents, supported the motion.

When considering the Auditor-General’s report, which revealed the irregular expenditure of R2.6 billion and a written-off debt of R3.6 billion, the crisis that eThekwini finds itself in is blatantly obvious, and therefore demands that we explore every available avenue to hold the current governing coalition accountable.

While we agree with the principles behind the motion, it is important to highlight our reservations and concerns regarding its feasibility.

In recognition of the urgency of the interventions required to arrest the rapid decline of the Municipality, we have been vocal regarding the necessity of a clear plan to pursue change. In the absence of such a plan, the motion as it stands is merely an attempt to put a band-aid on a bullet wound.

Furthermore, the DA’s failure to engage with all political parties within the Municipality, including the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), further undermined the potential success of the motion. Given that the EFF holds significant influence in the municipality as the second-largest party, their support would have likely led to the desired outcome of the motion.

However, without a clear plan beyond tabling the motion, coupled with their failure to engage with their fellow council members, the DA instead chose to picket outside the Durban International Convention Centre with the aim of scoring publicity points, rather than engaging with council members who are expected to support and vote for the motion.

The reality is that the DA never intended for their motion to succeed, hence they chose not to engage with other political parties to support the dissolution of eThekwini.

It is evident that the DA introduced this motion as a means of challenging the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), which had previously tabled a MoNC against City Mayor, Mxolisi Kaunda.

It would seem that the DA has veered off course and lost their direction. Therefore, it is critical for eThekwini residents to make informed choices when voting in the upcoming elections.