The Time to Fix North-West is Now

Today, I, Kgosi Kwena Mangope, of the Bahurutshe boo Manyane responsible for Motswedi and Mmasebudule villages in Lehurutshe, held a media breakfast briefing with North-West media in Mahikeng. 

Growing up, I was never interested in politics as the son of an avid, strict, and often controversial political father. I was not too fond of the constant phone calls, complaints, ridicule, criticisms, and our lives in the spotlight.

To that end, I vowed to do something different and live my life privately and without intrusion. However, many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

We are a country that has emerged from a deeply divided and painful past. But despite this, 1994 offered the promise of change and a prosperous future for all South Africans.

The progress made in the early years of our democracy has reversed. Corruption and mismanagement eroded our standing among the world’s leading nations and have thus undermined our efforts to fulfill the promise of 1994.

However, South Africans remain proud, enterprising, and resilient people. We want to be one nation, united in our diversity, BUT the legacy of our unjust past holds us back.

Successive ANC governments have failed and kept us apart due to their inability to create opportunities for those among us who need them the most. Everything we have achieved has been despite them, so our country still bursts with unrealized potential.

Since becoming the Provincial Leader, there is no doubt that this is the organisation all South Africans have waited for: Our teams have made many strides. We have constituted a Provincial Executive Committee that is hard at work to create and support our structures across the Province.

It is common cause that a free, unbiased media that operates without fear or favour is an essential element for a democracy to thrive.

ActionSA acknowledges Magosi across South Africa doing their best to serve their communities. Leaders such as Kgosi Mogakolodi Masibi of the Batlharo ba ga Masibi, a member of the ActionSA Provincial Executive Committee in the North-West.

Kgoshi Letsiri Paahla in Limpopo was ostracised by the ANC-captured CONTRALESA when he officially announced his support for ActionSA. His move saw him resign as Chairperson of the organization in Limpopo. Yesterday, the subsequent dissolution of the Limpopo PEC vindicated him.

ActionSA in the North-West is on an upward trajectory. On 5 March this year, we launched ActionSA in Mahikeng at the Unibo Chapel. The launch was a resounding success.

Our mission is clear:

We exist in service of South African citizens working to deliver governments at local, provincial, and national levels that act effectively and decisively for their benefit. We must build an inclusive, prosperous, and secure future for all South Africans in a country healed from its past.

We will work tirelessly to unseat the ANC government that has failed our people and put a new government that will take South Africa forward. We will achieve this by creating an environment where every South African has access to sustainable work opportunities, every family has a home, and every child has hope for the future.

The Auditor General’s Report reveals that the local government in North-West is in tatters. Most municipalities are in a state of total collapse, and yet we have a COGTA that doesn’t seem to care about issues affecting the most disadvantaged people in our communities.

How does one defend that some municipalities have two mayors and two municipal managers, all drawing salaries from you and me as taxpayers?

ActionSA is of the view that the people of the North-West have lived in silence for far too long and deserve competent and ethical leaders to revive the Province and prioritise citizens ahead of narrow party-political interests.

Where are the Mmabana Arts and Culture Centre, Mmabatho, and Odi stadia? What happened to Montshiwa, Tlhabane, Mogwase, and Babelegi industrial areas? The ANC government shut down our colleges of education and nursing colleges and instead replaced them with a 30% pass mark requirement.

We will hold the current local government accountable and ensure that the people employed in our municipalities deliver on the mandate they gave them through their votes.

Time is up for the ruling ANC in North-West. ActionSA is here!