Trial between ActionSA member and illegal Nigerian immigrant set for Friday 28th

On Friday, 28 April, illegal Nigerian immigrant, Tony Kazadi, will finally have to answer on two serious charges that have been brought against him: one of sexual harassment and the other of residing illegally within the borders of South Africa.

The fact that this case occurs the day after Freedom Day helps to illuminate where we stand as a country today.

Ordinary South African citizens are suffering under a justice system that often brings them little justice. Often arrests do not result in successful prosecutions for crimes like rape and murder.

Freedoms have been eroded in this particular matter. Sexual harassment is no small matter, but to add insult to injury, Kazadi has continued to receive bail for all the months that this matter has dragged on for – despite residing illegally in South Africa and therefore having no lawful address within our country to call his home.

We wrote to the Germiston Magistrates’ Court through our lawyers to request the reasons for the granting of bail. To date, we have received no reasons, other than to tell us that at the beginning of the process bail was postponed. Surely, South Africans are entitled to reasons as to why illegal foreigners are easily granted bail by the Germiston Magistrates’ Court.

We further asked the Court to inform us as to what document was utilised to verify Kazadi’s identity; different sources claim that the name Kazadi may be false. To date, the Court has failed to answer this simple question.

ActionSA will attend the Court from 8h30 on 28 April in solidarity not only with Ms Patricia Khoza, but also with all law-abiding South Africans.

We refuse to stand idly by while lawlessness continues unabated in South Africa.

Let’s fix Germiston and let’s fix South Africa together.