Tshwane Council Adopts Circulars for Better Service Delivery

The City of Tshwane Section 70 Committee on Municipal Public Accounts (MPAC) has successfully ensured that Council adopts Treasury Circulars which are critical in the fight against unauthorized, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure. Some of these circulars are 8 years old.

This resolution will help the city to drive an ethical and professional public service with zero tolerance for corruption.

Circular 76 details the processes and time frames for the different human resource, legal, civil, and criminal processes to be followed in cases of unauthorized, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure

Circular 92 supports the effective functioning and decision-making of Councillors serving on Municipal Public Accounts Committees.

Circular 113, Web Enabled Audit Action Plan System, aids municipalities across the country, through the introduction of the web-enabled audit action plan system. The web-enabled audit action plan will serve to address the gaps identified through the audit process.

MPAC is committed to continuing to work together to ensure that we adequately reduce UIFW and ensure that city of Tshwane indeed becomes a city that ignites excellence.