US House Resolution on SA Indicative of Devasting Consequences ANC’s Russia-Ukraine Stance has for the Country

The tabling of a United States (US) House of Representatives resolution (Resolution 145, 21 February), calling for the US to review its bilateral relations with South Africa, is another example of the pitfalls the ANC government’s commitment to supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine has for South Africa.

The resolution followed South Africa participating in a joint military exercise with Russia and China, and again abstaining from a United Nations (UN) resolution calling for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine.

If the resolution is approved, it has potentially devastating economic consequences for South Africa as the country’s participation in the US’s African Growth and Opportunity Act may be reviewed which limits favourable trading conditions between the two countries.

South Africa currently has a trade surplus of $6.5 billion with the US – our largest trading partner – compared to a trade deficit of $210 million with Russia, further reiterating how the ANC’s communist-driven loyalty to Russia has little to no benefit for the people of South Africa.

The Resolution precedes South Africa’s abstention from a United Nations (UN) resolution calling for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine and the country welcoming a number of Russian dignitaries, making clear South Africa’s neutral stance to the war is now globally seen as a sham and that the country is now tacitly supporting Russia.

The global community is clearly noticing and, as with the US House Resolution, it may have significant negative consequences for the country, hurting our economy and costing us jobs.

The ANC’s commitment to supporting Russia during the ongoing war is another sign of how the ruling party does not care about the needs of South Africans but would sacrifice an already battered local economy – suffering under the ANC-made disaster of load-shedding – to appease Russia.

At a time when our people are suffering, the South African government should do everything in its power to grow the economy and create jobs – and not isolate the US, our biggest trading partner.

ActionSA, a party committed to ethical leadership and rule of law, will do everything in its power to ensure that the ANC’s nonsensical stance on the Russian war comes to an end and that in 2024 a coalition government takes power which prioritises the needs of our people.