Victory As ActionSA’s Motion Against Puppet Mayor Passes

Today, ActionSA is pleased to announce that our Motion against Ekurhuleni’s puppet Mayor, Sivuyile Ngodwana, has successfully passed in council which reconvened today.

ActionSA commends the 25 ANC councillors and the lone DA councillor who went against their party mandates in service of the residents of the metro.

ActionSA submitted a motion against Ngodwana and his government in the midst of a severe financial and service delivery crisis in Ekurhuleni. We appealed to other political parties in Ekurhuleni to put aside their differences and remove what was clearly a poorly conceived compromise government between the ANC & EFF.

Ngodwana will be remembered as the minority puppet Mayor in Ekurhuleni who failed to hold his EFF MMC’s to account, especially his finance MMC, Cllr Dunga, whose reign of terror over the finance department in Ekurhuleni left the City on the brink of being placed under administration.

ActionSA insists that the City’s finances need to be stabilised, the institutional review rapidly implemented, and quality services delivered to our residents as soon as possible. This will require a stable government based on competence as opposed to political expedience.

The EFF in government have been a disaster class in public administration and their inability to separate party and state represents a very real threat to democratic norms and principles which govern our local municipalities.

ActionSA looks forward to political change that will begin fixing the mess the ANC/EFF coalition created in Ekurhuleni.