Victory! Western Cape High Court Grants ActionSA Leave to Oppose My Vote Counts Litigation as a Respondent

ActionSA is pleased to announce that our court application seeking to intervene, as a respondent, in the My Vote Counts litigation has been granted by the Western Cape High Court just minutes ago.

My Vote Counts seeks to have certain provisions of the Political Party Funding Act declared unconstitutional, specifically the threshold whereby parties are required to declare, to the IEC, any donation above the R100 000.00 threshold.

My Vote Counts only cited political parties represented in Parliament and in the absence of consent from all parties to the litigation, ActionSA had to approach the High Court and seek permission from the High Court in order for us to be added as a respondent and allow us to participate in the litigation.

This ruling, by the court, brings us one step closer to ensuring that emerging political parties are not cannibalised by the application brought by My Vote Counts.

To this end, ActionSA will now proceed with preparing its substantive representations to oppose My Vote Counts’s application.