What action should we take as the next step towards the registration of ActionSA as a political party?

We have been advised that we have excellent prospects of success in reviewing the IEC’s decision in the High Court, where their actions will be assessed by a judge and not through an internal appeal. 

However, we know that a long legal process has a number of downsides: 

  • It will consume time and money when we need to spending resources on growing our capacity and support. 
  • It will delay contestation of by-elections; we have seen this week how South Africans stayed away from the polls because of their lack of interest in current political parties.
  • It makes our focus on a logo, at a time when South Africans need to hear about our offer on jobs, the economy, crime and the range of issues that impact their lives.

As an organisation, our roots lie in The People’s Dialogue, a commitment to public consultation. 

It is only appropriate that we, once again, seek guidance from you, the people of South Africa.

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