WC Government and City of Cape Town Must Conduct Qualifications Audit as Yet Another Leader’s ‘Bogus’ Credentials Emerge

ActionSA strongly urges both the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town to swiftly conduct a thorough qualifications audit, as the urgent need for such an audit has been further underscored by the recent allegations against another leader in the City of Cape Town, Cllr Abdulkader Elyas, who is accused of deliberate misrepresentation of his medical qualifications.

This latest revelation, marked by its brazen deception, underscores a recurring pattern across the Western Cape. Public office bearers such as Former MEC, Bonginkosi Madikizela, Former CoCT MMC, Xanthea Limberg, and the DA’s Knysna Mayoral Candidate, Cllr Levael Davis, have all faced accusations of misrepresenting their qualifications.

Consequently, these individuals receive substantial remuneration at the taxpayers’ expense, all the while constructing their careers and public profiles on the fraudulent basis of holding academic qualifications. This conduct not only contravenes the ethical standards expected of public representatives but also constitutes a grave disservice to the hardworking taxpayers of South Africa.

ActionSA firmly believes that an appointment process lacking both ethical conduct and merit is a recipe for the entrenchment of patronage. Left unaddressed, this recurrent phenomenon threatens to further erode trust and the credibility in public institutions, while also raising concerns about the potential misuse of taxpayer funds.

In light of these concerns and the criminal nature of these offenses, ActionSA strongly urges both the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town to promptly, transparently and with full accountability conduct the qualifications audit. This step is essential to resolve the issue and reinforce the values of ethical leadership that must underpin any credible government.