WC University Unrest: ActionSA to Host Panel Discussion to Find Sustainable Solutions

ActionSA is deeply concerned about the recent unrest that has erupted across university campuses in the Western Cape. We recognise that the current turmoil is mainly related to funding and access to a safe, affordable, and conducive learning and housing environment.

Firstly, we are shocked and saddened by the tragic killing of a UWC student, and we condemn the complete degradation of law and order in our society that has led to this tragedy. To improve police visibility and curb the alarming frequency of contact crimes around university campuses and student residences located in both the Belhar and Bellville South jurisdictions, we will write to the South African Police Service, calling for a comprehensive plan of action.

In addition to addressing the urgent need for improved safety and security measures, ActionSA is also committed to finding a sustainable solution to the funding crisis in higher education.

We recognise the urgent need for a more substantial approach to address the funding crisis. To this end, ActionSA will host a panel discussion titled “Finding a Sustainable Funding Model: A Panel Discussion on South Africa’s Higher Education Funding Crisis.”This event aims to examine the state of higher education funding in South Africa, identify challenges in the current funding model, propose potential solutions for a sustainable funding model, and provide a platform for students, experts from academia, industry, and government to engage in meaningful dialogue.

We hope that these initiatives will go a long way towards addressing the root causes of the unrest and facilitating productive dialogue to find sustainable solutions to the funding crisis.

ActionSA remains committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the safety and security of our communities and promote access to quality higher education for all South Africans.